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Temporary Aids to Navigation systems

We design, manufacture, supply and commission multiple solutions to mark your monopile, jacket and/or platform during installation and decommissioning, in full accordance with the regulations.

Typically, we offer independent single lift skids solutions for the temporary marking of offshore structures, in order to allow for easy, safe and quick deployment and removal. This kind of solutions are always tailor-made, but using our experience, we do have standardized designs and solution available, with a proven track record. Our target market are offshore wind (jackets for sub-stations and monopiles) and offshore oil and gas (jackets). We have, however, also marked entire platforms.

Our services include:

  • Site inspection
  • Full design of skid
  • Solar and strength calculations
  • PV powered or using primary cells
  • Assembly and testing
  • Offshore commissioning
  • Maintenance
Set of 5 fully autonomous skids to mark jacket and topside independently, to suit the required flexibility of the client completely. Four skids with 5 nm steady light and one main skid with 10 nm Morse U light and fog signal.