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It is our policy to offer a website that does not store any private information. We do not story any information on visitors, unless you send us information via our contact form. This information (name, e-mail address and company name) is manually fed in our CRS database, so we can contact you.

We have a site stat engine running at this website, which provides us with a summary of how many unique visitors have visited this site. We do not have access to information like IP addresses, nor can we store any of the information provided by the stats. These stats are handled by Jetpack, which is a WordPress plug-in. For more info on the privacy statements of Jetpack or WordPress we refer to their websites.

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  • WordPress:

Jetpack and WordPress may install cookies, for analytical purposes. The links above also provide information on the use of cookies by Jetpack and WordPress. We do not install cookies ourselves.

In case of embedded video and website, please note that these sites may have their own cookies and privacy policies, that differ from ours. By clicking embedded content, you agree accepting their policies.

Future development of the site, such as integrated of a webshop or the possibility to comment on articles, and which require a log-in procedure, will require us to store username and password (fully encrypted) on the database of this website. When this become available, this page will be amended.