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Marking of new platforms

In very close cooperation with Tideland Signal, we can supply all equipment to mark a platform with aids to navigation for vessel traffic, aviation obstruction lights for aviation and helideck lighting systems for heli operations.

We can supply all equipment required on platforms, both in ATEX and safe area (if and when applicable), such as primary lights, secondary lights, subsidiary lights, fog signal, fog detector, control panels, remote monitoring and control, in order to prevent collisions with vessels.

In order to prevent collisions with aviation at low altitude, we supply a range of aviation obstruction lights.

For helicopter operations, we can supply the full scope of helideck lighting systems in accordance with CAP 437, to include perimeter lights, floodlights, wind socks, Circle and H and wave off lights.

Apart from delivery, we can support you with the design of the system and selection of the right equipment, including doing a site visit.

All our solutions are in compliance with regulations applicable.

4 x MLED 150 EX ATEX 10 nm marine lanterns to mark an operational platform