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Important message about Tideland Signal

On June 18th it was announced that Xylem Analytics has decided to close down Tideland Signal. Per that date, no new project orders are accepted. It was possible to purchase spares and products until July 31st 2020. Ongoing warranty and framework contracts are being served until they expire.

PC Jansen Marine & Offshore Trading BV will continue the work she has done previously with Tideland Signal. We still have a stock of lanterns and other equipment and will continue to use them for as long as possible, but we also are able to use alternative products, of comparable quality.

We have established relationships with the main sub-suppliers of Tideland Signal, in order to be able to continue selling batteries, battery boxes, AIS transmitters, fog signals, visibility detectors, Satellite Remote Monitoring systems and all other equipment to mark your structure.

Currently we focus on safe area, temporary, Aids to Navigation solution, eg for decom and jackets.

We also have established relationships with other leading AtoN manufacturers and will cooperate with them to serve our clients in the same way as we always have done: committed, innovative, reliable.