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Solving a problem

Our AB-560 fog signal has been around for a couple of decades and hundreds, if not thousands, of them are installed on various platforms, jackets, and other locations worldwide. It’s reliability, sturdiness, and performance has been proven beyond any doubt.

But, as with all electronic equipment, sometimes a fog signal fails. For me it was the first time in 14 years of working with Tideland Signal. In this case, the motherboard of the fog signal was malfunctioning.

The cause of the problem is not known yet, the AB-560 was working perfectly during FAT, but after installation on the jacket, it went a little pear-shaped. The fog signal caught a cold.

Normally, a failing product needs to be shipped back to the factory for research, but in this case that was no option. So I went offshore to replace the motherboard, during a scheduled maintenance trip. In less than 30 minutes the problem was solved, and the AB-560 is blasting happily again. While I was there, I also cleaned the system and did a full system check. The client is happy: their system is fully operational again.