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Packing properly vs using plastic

In the core, we are providing safety. Whether it is assuring a safe lift, or preventing vessels colliding with a platform, it’s all safety related. Caring about people’s lives, protecting assets, minimizing damage to the environment. Big topics for a small company, I admit.

For a small company, it is difficult to make a difference, although we worry about plastics in the ocean, for example, just as much as anybody else. However, we are trying to reduce our impact as much as we can. We are not a manufacturer, so do not have a production process we need to worry about. We do ship items on a daily basis, so packing is something with which we can contribute.

Paper and cardboard is re-cycled as much as possible, but if a cardboard box still can be used to ship items, we will re-use it. Filling material typically is re-cyclable, most of the time cardboard as well. Only is cardboard is not possible, we use plastic (also re-used most of the time).

On the other hand, we cannot allow boxes to get damaged during shipping, resulting in loss off or damage to the items we ship, so we do use nylon straps around the package. We have to assume our clients dispose them with care.

So, if you receive your goods in a box that is not virgin anymore, it is just for a good cause.